The Thomas and Thomas South fields lie along the northeastern flank of the northwest-southeast trending Bourbon Arch that is the boundary of the Forest City and Cherokee basins. Lower 2/3 of Section 7: T37N, R33W in Vernon County, Missouri


Running Foxes Petroleum has proven success waterflooding and producing over 150 MBO in the Thomas Field’s Upper Bartlesville sandstone at a max depth of 260 feet. The same sandstone is present in the Thomas South Field along with Lower Bartlesville and Warner sands where historically, wells are steady, consistent, predictable, and long-term revenue producers. Running Foxes conducted formation testing, downhole measurements, and laboratory analysis to fully understand the three potential reservoir producers and their detailed characteristics. Given the observed lithology, permeability, porosity, oil saturation, and volumetric data from their Reservoir Characterization efforts, Running Foxes is confident expanding production south by developing the Thomas South Field will be a profitable one.



Seeking a Non-Op Partner to provide the following capital investment (below) in exchange for a 75% Working Interest on a 80% Net Royalty Share. Running Foxes will act as Operator and retain a 25% Working Interest.

60 Day Option 30 days of production following the completion of all wells under Phase I begins the option period. Non-op Partner has 60 days to exercise option: Move forward with Phase II or exit project with acquired revenue to date

Geology The Pennsylvanian sands in the Thomas Field are of Desmoinesian age Cherokee Group that are tidal and deltaic, fine grained reservoirs. The sands were deposited on a broad delta plain, near-shore environment. The Cherokee Group underwent lithification, but very little deformation. 


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