Atchison County, Missouri



Project Scope

Development program will drill 6 new wells to a depth of 2,900′ to offset 4 currently producing wells over 1 year. The 6 new wells will yield an additional production of 546,000 BO: 276,000 BO recoverable from 2 Hunton completions and  270,000 BO from 4 Viola completions. Based on the log performance from the producing wells, an initial production of 50 to 125 BOPD is expected.  

Due Diligence

The proposed 6 wells are placed within the Hunton & Viola where a combination of exploration sciences indicates the areas of largest volume of recoverable resource and lowest drilling and completion risk,  as indicated by the following combined analysis: Surface Geochemistry survey using Iodine indicates presence of microseepage; 2D Seismic shot over 10 miles shows complex series of wrench faulted structural closures; and Hydrocarbon Modulated Pulse Analysis that uses electromagnetics to find where oil columns are the thickest.  The field has already produced 227,000 BO from 4 wells.

Deal Terms

RFP is offering for sale 100% Working Interest with a 25% back-in after payout on an 80% Net Revenue Interest for the entire project amount, plus a $100,000 prospect fee. The completion cost of  two wells must be paid up front. The cost of the remaining 4 wells can be paid over the next nine months as they are completed.


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