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OIl, Gas, helium, SOLAr, & power

Grand County, UT


Uncompahgre Uplift

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Oil, Gas, Helium, & Power Production Opportunity

Seeking Waterflood Development

Acres: 30,000+ combination BLM, State of Utah, & Fee 

Due Diligence: 100+ miles of 2D seismic shot to confirm accurate placement of Entrada sandstone to the Precambrian basement

Permitting six (6) wells: two (2) for oil, adjacent to existing producers & four (4) for helium

Conventional wells that require no fracking

Depth: less than 3,500 feet

Fields: Cisco Dome, Cisco Springs, Cisco Township, and Cisco Wash Fields

Pay Zone Producers: 4

High Nitrogen content; Existing nitrogen stripping plant tied to an inactive tap will be brought online

Helium confirmed, 3 to 10 BCFG potential 

Per Well Reserve Estimate: 5 to 100 BOE & 100 to 500 MMCF 

Current RFP Production: 5 to 10 BOPD; 300 to 500 MCFGPD 

Mines Bitcoin using power generated by natural gas production as second revenue stream to offset low gas prices

Fully funded; RFP is carried through joint venture with STARFOX HELIUM



Leavenworth County, KS


Forest City Basin

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Oil, Gas, CBM, & Power Production Opportunity

Field Re-activation & Expansion Project

Acres: 8,000, held by production

Pay Zones: 2

Fields: 2

Depth: Shallow, less than 1,500 feet

Recovery Estimate: 200+ BOPD from waterflood

Gas to Power conversion and sale to major utility market Kansas City – Topeka – Leavenworth – Lawrence through  subsidiary, Energid Energy. 

Transmission of generated power through subsidiary, COG Transmission, into the Southern Star Tap of which 70+ miles is controlled by RFP.

200,000 acre potential for CBM

Chase County, KS


Cherokee Basin

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Oil, Gas, & Helium Production Opportunity

Acres: 5,000+

Pay Zones: 5* (2 Proven, 3 Probable) 

Fields: 3

Helium 1.2-1.5% Confirmed, Shut-in 

Recovery Estimate:  to 3 BCF & 25 to 100 MBO per well probable

Well Cost: $70K Completed

Processing Plant Cost: $2M 

Natural Gas can be sold into pipeline as liquid or converted into electricity and sold to local utility

Southeast Kansas
Southwest Missouri


cherokee Basin

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Oil, Gas, & CBM Production Opportunity

Waterflood Development & Expansion Project

Acres: 4,500, net held under lease

Pay Zones: 8 

Depth: less than 800 feet

Fields: 5: (3) Expansions & (2) Developments

Current RFP Production: average 35 BOPD (Devon, Thomas, & Hepler fields)

Cumulative Oil Production: 312,000 BO

Reserve estimates:  up to 1 MMBO per field 

Well Cost: $59,000 Drilling and Completion 



Atchison County, MO


Forest City Basin

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Oil & Gas Production Opportunity

420 acres

Field Revitalization Project – 

Next phase of six (6) wells: re-working two (2) existing wells producing 10 to 15 BOPD & re-activating four additional shut-in wells previously producing 5 BOPD

Hunton, Simpson, & Viola known Pay Producers 

up to 185 BOPD per well possible

25 MBO BO reserve estimate

$350,000 per well drilling and completion cost 



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