running foxes

Running Foxes Petroleum Inc is an independent natural resources  company in operation since 2000.  We engage in the acquisition, exploration, extraction, development, production, and processing of multiple energy sources working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and preserve the beauty of the land that we love.  We concentrate our exploration and production efforts primarily in overlooked areas of proven reserves and multiple pay zones, with an emphasis on Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Methane, & Helium-rich natural gas. 

Our industry faces many challenges and pressures from the global politics that influence supply-demand dynamics and  environmental regulation.  We have survived as a result of our ability to: create actionable models for quick decision-making, vertically integrate practices to control costs, pivot our asset position in a downturn to avoid market vulnerability & form rewarding partnerships with passionate, driven companies. 

Areas of Operation

Development Stage; Solar & Battery Storage

in partnership with Revolve Renewable Power 

Wind & Solar

Oil, Gas, Helium, & Wind 

Oil, Gas, Helium, Wind, Solar, & Battery Storage

Oil & Gas

Development Stage;  225 MW Solar & Battery Storage with Revolve Renewable Power

" It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change "
Charles Darwin


Protect Resources Today. Plan for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Mining and resource extraction are necessary but they also give rise to serious and complex environmental, socio-economic, and human rights issues.  It takes humility and discipline to use Earth’s resources wisely and responsibly.  At Running Foxes, we lead by example, practicing and advocating for responsible and ethical extraction, production, and investment.  It is our sincere desire in practice to develop natural resources while supporting surrounding communities and protecting the environment. 


Hardworking. Humble. Hungry

Running Foxes has brilliant scientists and engineers, but so do many other Oil & Gas companies.  What they don’t have is a executive core that has worked together since the ’80s.  As a team, we’ve weathered four economic downturns and come out stronger each time.  More impressively we have done so without losing our passion for exploration and our drive to help power the world.