Survival Instinct

Heuristic Action

Heuristic analysis for simpler, faster, and more successful solutions for discovering and developing projects

Cost Control

Vertical Integration Made Possible Through Strategic Partnerships & Capital Investments

sustainable production

Portfolio Diversification and Responsible Asset Production to sustain the earth and our companies growth.

running foxes petroleum

Running Foxes Petroleum Inc is an independent energy exploration and production company in operation since 2000. working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and preserve the beauty of the land that we love. We engage in the exploration, acquisition, development, production of multiple energy sources working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and preserve the beauty of the land that we love.  We concentrate our exploration and production efforts primarily in overlooked areas of proven reserves and multiple pay zones, with an emphasis on Nitrogen, Methane, & Helium-rich natural gas. Current operations cover parts of  Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Our industry faces many challenges and pressures from the global politics that influence supply-demand dynamics and  environmental regulation.  We have survived as a result of our ability to: create actionable models for quick decision-making, vertically integrate practices to control costs, pivot our asset position in a downturn to avoid market vulnerability & form rewarding partnerships with passionate, driven companies. 

Running Foxes seeks to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and social responsibility. It is our desire to see the quantity and quality of energy we can safely produce and consume improved. We look for every opportunity to work with like-minded companies that share our vision and goals for the future.



For environmental and infrastructure security reasons the world must move away from an energy portfolio built solely on fossil fuels.  To be a champion of that change and to ensure a sustainable E&P effort and healthy financial margins, means aligning our efforts with community demand. 

In the past three years Running Foxes through joint partnerships and subsidiaries has expanded our portfolio beyond traditional Oil and Gas projects to include Wind, Solar, & Battery Storage, Helium, Hydrogen, Lithium, and Distributed Power Projects.  


In a joint venture with Starfox Helium targeting economic helium in Kansas, Utah, & Canada
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wind, solar, & battery storage

Partnering with Revolve Renewable Power to generate 575 MW of renewable energy in parts of in AZ, NW, & CO.
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Hydrogen & lithium

Developing a DOE project through subsidiary, Running Foxes Rare Earths Resources LLC, to produce Hydrogen from natural gas and extracting lithium from oil field brines
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distributed power

In partnership with Energid Energy, generating on-site electricity to help deliver power to the grid near end users.