A good leader is necessary to run a successful company, but an exceptional leader is necessary to run a successful Independent Oil & Gas company.  They must possess a brilliant mind, quick instinct to the vulnerabilities and volatilities of the Energy Industry. Dr. Steven Tedesco is one such a leader.  He founded Running Foxes Petroleum in 1998 and has served as its President for 22 years.


His professional portfolio of energy experience spans 30 years and includes operations in coal mining, coal bed methane, shale gas\oil, waterflood projects, petroleum exploration development, and production. Specific achievements Dr. Tedesco is held in high esteem by his peers and widely recognized as a subject matter expert in Geology. He holds a BA in Geology (Northeastern), a MS in Geology (Southern Illinois), and a PhD in Geology with a minor in Petroleum Engineering(Colorado School of Mines).

He published the textbook, “Surface Geochemistry in Petroleum Engineering” in 1995, detailing the application of surface geochemical methods to finding petroleum is based on the detection of hydrocarbons in the soil that have leaked from a petroleum reservoir at depth. Additional contributions to the Industry include: publishing and peer reviewing professional journal articles and SPE papers; expert testimony at AAPE and SPE meetings and conferences; and the discovery of over 124 MMBO.