Founded in 1998, Running Foxes Petroleum Inc. (RFPI) is a private energy company located in Centennial, Colorado. The company is actively engaged in the drilling and development of natural gas and oil projects in the continental United States with their primary focus on shallow conventional oil and gas and unconventional shale oil and gas plays in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions.

Running Foxes is well managed by a team of industry professionals with the technical skills to internally generate and develop high quality natural gas and oil prospects, availing itself and its partners to exceptional investment opportunities. By concentrating its efforts in overlooked areas of proven petroleum provinces, Running Foxes utilizes existing infrastructure to quickly develop and market its natural gas and oil production.

The company is very focused on successful operations by controlling costs and expenses. In an effort to contain the costs inherent with drilling RFPI, in some of its projects, owns its own drill rigs, workover units, water trucks and several other services so that it is self-sufficient and not reliant on outside vendors. Ultimately, commitment to cost control and excellence improves the economics of our projects, both for the company and its partners. Included among Running Foxes partners are other energy companies, as well as high net worth corporate investors.